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Why we started a fitness and wellness blog.

Three months ago my wife Valerie and I had the pleasure of meeting our new baby girl. As always happens, Valerie gained a lot of weight. After the new baby though came the depression and frustration. She was overweight, out of shape. Even worse, she didn’t even have the excuse of “I’m pregnant” any more. Of course, when you’re overweight everything is off. Her clothes didn’t fit, her wedding ring didn’t fit, and she didn’t like how she looked in the mirror. She felt guilty eating foods she normally loved, and about a thousand other things that made her unhappy with herself.

As with when our other two kids came along, we made the commitment. We were going to get back into shape… again. This led me to re evaluate myself. I hadn’t been morning sick and pregnant, I didn’t have any good reason to be out of shape and overweight, and yet I was. This time though we wanted it to stick. This time we’d do it by focusing on fitness and healthy eating.

The talk

So that got the two of us talking about how easy it is to forget about fitness. It really is hard when it’s so easy to get and stay out of shape. We needed to create a way to make the changes to get and stay fit and healthy. We also needed to do so without spending a huge amount of time, money, and energy.

I’m a medical resident with crazy hours and limited money, we have three kids aged four, two, and three months, while Valerie is a stay at home mom who’s trying to take care of the house and three kids while still trying to recover from a miserable pregnancy and traumatic delivery. She’s living on two to three hour chunks of sleep since our baby has congestion issues and breast feeds, so neither of them sleep much at night.

The Solution

What’s our solution? You’re looking at it, we’re starting this fitness and wellness blog to record our adventure. We realized being healthy requires making habits that are simple, effective, and achievable. as we try to find simple, doable steps to gradually become the healthy, energetic people we want to be, while still working and raising a family. Hopefully as you follow along with us you’ll take what we’ve created to get the same or better results.

We’ve made our fitness New Year’s resolution, so now what?
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