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So You Want to Know About Nutrition:

For you to achieve the goals of being happier, healthier, more energetic, and living longer you need to remember your body is a machine. Just like your car, it requires the right fuel to work efficiently. Putting the right foods in your body gives it energy to function, allows it to repair itself, and gives it what it needs to shield itself from diseases.

So the question is, what do we put into our bodies and what do we keep out?

Here’s the short version. Don’t get overwhelmed though; while this is an important read, we’ll simplify things for you down the road. We’ll give you the foods that work and some great starter recipes that cover all the nutrient bases. If these don’t work for you we’ll give you plenty of alternative options as well. So basically, relax, don’t worry about retaining everything, there’s no test, just tools for healthy living.

Also, if you read some of this and say, “hey, that’s not quite right, my health class said something different,” well that’s because this is the simple overview to give you a feel for how it all works. If you want the full, more accurate breakdown you can click on one of the hyperlinks to get further info.

Nutrition, a breakdown:

There are the three major fuel sources: carbohydrates; proteins; and fats, oils, and cholesterol.

Also, there are vitamins and minerals, fiber, and we’ll be adding fruits and veggies, simple sugars, and salt as a separate section because of their particular importance.



Fats, Oils, and Cholesterol

Vitamins and Minerals


Fruits and Vegetables

Simple Sugars


So, lots of information, I know. Lots of do’s and don’ts. But remember, you don’t need to remember all of this right now. In fact, if you follow the recipes and shopping list provided you won’t have to worry about this section much at all. But it is important to know why we put what we do in our bodies and why it makes a difference.

Nutrition Categories
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